Passive Income from Audiobooks: A Guide for NFT Authors

Passive income from audiobooks: A Guide for NFT Authors

The demand for audiobooks has been steadily increasing over the past few years, and with the rise of digital technologies, more and more authors are turning to Non-Fungible Token (NFT) audiobooks as a way to generate passive income. In this guide, we'll explain what NFT audiobooks are, the benefits they offer authors, and how to get started with creating your own.

What are NFT Audiobooks?

NFT audiobooks are digital books that are stored on a blockchain-based platform. These books are usually available for purchase in the form of tokens, with each token representing a single copy of the book. The tokens are non-fungible, meaning they are unique and can't be exchanged or replaced with another token.

The benefits of NFT audiobooks for authors are twofold. Firstly, authors are able to generate passive income from their work, as each token will be sold for a set price. Secondly, authors are able to control the use of their work, as the tokens will be stored on a secure platform where the author can manage rights and set rules for usage.

How to Generate Passive Income from NFT Audiobooks

The most common way to generate passive income from NFT audiobooks is via royalties. When a token is purchased, the author will receive a percentage of the sale as a royalty. This percentage is usually determined by the platform, but authors can also negotiate a higher percentage if they wish.

In addition to royalties, authors can also generate passive income from NFT audiobooks through advertising. Most platforms will allow authors to embed ads in their books, which can generate additional income when readers view or click on them. Authors can also create exclusive content for their NFT audiobooks, such as bonus chapters or audiobooks, which can also generate passive income.

Rights Management for NFT Audiobooks

When creating an NFT audiobook, it's important to ensure that the rights of the author are protected. NFT platforms offer authors a range of tools and features to manage their rights, including the ability to set usage rules for tokens, such as how many times a token can be accessed or downloaded.

Authors can also choose to set an expiration date for their books, at which point the tokens will no longer be valid. This is a great way to ensure that readers are paying for up-to-date content and that authors are receiving royalties for new purchases.


NFT audiobooks are a great way for authors to generate passive income from their work and control the use of their content. By setting usage rules, expiration dates, and offering exclusive content, authors can maximize the potential of their NFT audiobooks and ensure they are receiving the maximum royalties for their work. By following the advice laid out in this guide, authors will be well on their way to generating passive income from their NFT audiobooks. passive income